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About ZEN

Casual Atmosphere
This atmosphere is perfect for young adults to enjoy, as well as a pleasant date spot for couples. Business meetings, company gatherings and solo-diners are all welcome to enjoy this glowing ambience in Yokohama. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding the food and drinks, or regarding what combination of food and drinks would bring out the best flavour.

Drink Menu
Draft beer, wine, Japanese sake and shochu are all available at the restaurant. There are various flavours in beer that will go well with the meals.

Foreign Customers in Japan
Service can be provided in English with detailed explanations. This restaurant is perfect for those not accustomed to Japanese food, or for those who miss the flavour of genuine western food. You can even enjoy quality food through a cost-performance meal. For example, if you have a budget, the chef will create a meal perfect for that budget that will satisfy both your wallet, heart and stomachs!

About the Flavour
In Canada’s South East province of Alberta, the air is fresh and the water is clear. This is where our special pork meat is imported from. The farm from which the pork is imported is very organic and natural in its harvesting methods. The meat is famous for its red tint, tender texture and juiciness with fat that exudes of a sweet flavour. With 6 years experience in Tokyo’s food industry and 7 years in Alberta, Yuhei is a chef who fell in love with the food in Alberta, and often paid a visit to the Japanese embassy to find ways to import this pork to bring the flavour to Japan. This meat, although very rare to find in Japan, can only be found in a part of Chiba prefecture. Please come and taste the flavour of Alberta’s pork in Yokohama.